Why Burna Boy was the first musician to wear new Manchester United kit.

Burna Boy was the first musician to wear new Manchester United kit for the season with a fan base purpose.

Burna boy was the first musician to wear the new Manchester United kit for 2020/2021 football season. Manchester United just released their new kit for 2020/2021 football season in the preparation for starting the season very soon. This kit was released and sponsored by Chevrolet in order to make them ready for the season. The appearance of the jesey is in form of a Zebra design, but we don’t know why they choose an animal design as their football kit style for the season which will be starting soon.

All among the Nigerian artist, Burna boy was the first Nigerian musician to put on the new Manchester United 2020/2021 kit for the season. This shows how he has good passion for sports and particularly to be a fan of a great club like Manchester United.
However, Burna Boy reported on his social media handle that since he was a kid Manchester United are the rising team that makes him watch football. He loves how they put on their play on the field and their scoring ability in them. Manchester United have been my number one sport team in football and I will still fan them as far as they are into play.

So also, Burna Boy fans in the country are also happy to see one of their celebrity been a football fan. Most of Burna’s Boy fans also fit themselves into supporting Manchester United. Saying, “This is the team that makes me grow interest in football”. Burna Boy is not a type that expects to get fans only from him but let other part of life feel the same from him.

We are still United, whether win or lose we are supporting Manchester United the team that shows passion in football. Burna Boy will still support Manchester United this season in win or lose, in draws or penalty we are still the one United.

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