Temmi Vowasa Reveals How Her Step Dad Abused Her Sexually

A 25 years old popular Nigeria singer, songwriter and artist, Temmi Vowasa Reveals How her step dad molested her sexually.


Amidst the ” domestic violence” trends on the internet, recently, Temmi ( also known as YBNL QUEEN) who everyone knows as the type of woman who doesn’t like doings with men reveals her early life sexual harassment by his step father to the public.

In her speech, she made it known to the public that she has been keeping it away from the public because she doesn’t want her mother to experience the possible public humiliation for the role she played over the issue.


She said her step dad started raping her at 11till she was 17, but when she told her mother ( whom she believes had known about it before as the man used to record it in her diary) about the incident, the mother didn’t believe her, the mother asked her to confront the said step dad if she was saying the truth.

” I did exactly as she asked me, but she still didn’t believe me despite that I confronted my step dad” Temmi said.

People, especially the Singer’s fans on the internet have been praising her for her courage to reveals such.

Her mother who is a pastor is from Osun State but Temmi was born for a man from Delta State.


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