My Wife Used to Beat me Mercilessly – Williams Famuyibo tells the Court

Many marriages are breaking these days due to the bully husbands that used to maltreat their wives, but on a contrary, the case is different about the family of Famuyibo in Ibadan as it was the husband that asked the court to dissolve his marriage with his spouse because the wife used to beat him.



The husband, Muyiwa Famuyibo asked the Magistrate court at Mapo in Ibadan Oyo State to dissolve his marriage with Sola Famuyibo.



He said apart from from the physical beating, the wife he personally married has many ways of punishing him.


” At a point around January this year when I couldn’t withstand the beating, I have to run away from home” Williams explained in the court.


” I had five children before I married Sola, but because of her wickedness, all of my children have ran away from us and are now living with my family members” He explained further.


He then appeal to the court to dissolve the marriage of 32 years with Sola before she die of beating.


Sola was not in the court on Wednesday when the court hearing was going on in order for her to defend herself, and for that reason, the Judge in charge, Justice S.M Akintayo ordered that a court letter should be sent to Mrs Sola Famuyibo so that she will be able to explain her own side of the story.

The justice then adjourned the case till 26th of May, 2022.


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