Moses Came To Akure From Lagos to Steal Generator

A 38 years old man, Babajide Moses and two others are now at the custody of the section of police that deals with secret court matters with the allegations of stealing two big generators.


The suspected criminals were captured and arrested on Akure-Ilesha expressway at around 7am last week Tuesday.

According to the P.R.O of police in Ondo State, Funmilayo Odunlami, as she was confirming the incident, she said the suspected criminals were traced by the police until they were captured with the the two big lister generator already put in a car taking them to Lagos.


It was also confirmed that Moses was the one that confessed that he was the one that when to steal the generator in Akure as he only called the other two to come and help him dig ground to remove the lister generator from where they were places, and also for easier transportation to Lagos.

Moses was said to be begging the police with excuses that he started stealing because of his inability to find a job, he further stated that he has stolen 2 generator in the past which he sold for two hundred thousand naira each to a customer in Owode Lagos State.

Moses thereby urge people to help him beg the police to use the incident to warn him as he promised not to involve in such crime activities.


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