Lagos State Police Arrested 3 Arm Robbers

Three young boys are on regret as they were captured by the police in the evening of Tuesday, 5th of April, 2022.


The name of the boys are Goddey Omuyibo, a 32 years old who his alias is “Aro Ghetto Boy”, Destiny Nwanga, a 27 years old who is also known as ” Aro Smiling God”, the third person is known as “Aro Do or Die” who is just 23 years old and his real name is Ebuka Igwe.

According to a report from SP Benjamin Hudeyin of a Lagos State police station this morning he said the culprits were captured at a Toyota motor park near Oshodi Lagos State. They were captured with a foreign gun with four cartridges of bullets that have not been used.


They told the police after they were captured that they rob for living but this unfortunate robbery happened to be their second time operation before they were captured.

During the investigation, the criminals confessed that they used to meet at number seven Alhaji Monsuru Street Ijegun Lagos State and that is where they used to share the money and properties they steal.

It was also revealed in the investigation that Nwanga is a vulcanizer at a motor spare parts market at Ladipo while Omuyibo also used to tell people is a wrlder, but it is now clearly shows that they are hardening criminals who just disguise with those hand-works.

Omuyibo also confessed that he used to buy and sell drugs.

According to the Lagos State commissioner of police CP Abiodun Alabi, the criminals will soon be charged to court as the investigation continues


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