Kaduna State Insecurities To Receive Immediate Actions – House of Representatives

The incident of terrorist attack on one of the Nigeria military bases in kaduna state ( Pole Wire, Birnin-Guari) has made people to wonder what could have been the reasons for the insecurity across the country especially Kaduna State that is believed to have more security outfit and personnel compare to other states.
A number of security analysts and experts have spoken out their mind on the issues. To some of them, the reason behind the military bases attacks is because of the way the terrorists see the military as their number one enemy why some blamed the insecurity on the government conscription of the do called repentant terrorists into the army.


The Nigeria National Assembly members resumption on the issue of the Kaduna – bound train terrorist attack yesterday, gives hope of immediate attention and action.

After the closed-door meeting between the house of representatives, minister of transportation, service chiefs and other paramilitary heads over the insecurity across the country, the Senate has onced again urged President Muhammad Buhari for a quick declaration of war against the terrorists.
After the meeting that ended after about five or more hours of discussion, the house of representatives’ speaker Femi Gbajabiamila said the meeting was to pinpoint reasons for the insecurities and terrorist attack on the military and he said many things that are not for public was discussed in the meeting and assured the journalist that they were able to make some good headway



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