I am Not Concern About How some People’s Feel About my Trending Precidency Ambition – Emefiele

The Nigeria Central Bank governor, Mr. Godwin Emefiele said that he already know what is going to be the outcome of the issues of his presidency ambition that is trending.
When journalists interviewed him after his meeting with president Muhammad Buhari on Thursday this week at Abuja about his intention on his presidency and his current position as the governor of the Nigeria Central Bank.


The Nigerians both home and abroad feel bad about the development but Emefiele response was a surprising one as he said anyone that want to feel bad about the situation should feel bad but as for him he is enjoying the game as it is going.

He said he feel less concern to the way people are talking about his ambition, especially the main opposition party, PDP and the world organization,


On Friday last week, the 6th of May, 2022 the association of farmers and traders bought the 100 million naira form for Emefiele in order to contest for the president position primary under the APC but he said he didn’t know anything about the form or how it was bought.

The governor of the CBN has once file a case against the Nigeria Rules that state that any civil servants that want to contest for a political post should resign from his present office.

When the journalists asked him what he has to say about the press release from the office of the Nigeria President asking him to resign from his post, Emefiele replied that, there’s nothing new and there’s no news yet but later there will be news about it.

The opposition party,. PDP has said that the federal government should ask Emefiele to resign and also investigate him base on the financial mess at Central Bank of Nigeria which is affecting Nigeria Economy.

” INEC used to keep all election materials in the care of CBN and now that Emefiele is known as a strong member of the APC, we can’t afford to keep the election materials in the of CBN again in order to avoid unforseen problems during the election” said the PDP


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