Fireboy: The most stream debut Nigerian album in history.

Fireboy is the most stream debut Nigerian album in history. Many factors rendered him to that position.
Fireboy music started when he was in his tender age. He was well known during his academic days for his music.

Fireboy was signed into YBNL by Olamide in October 2018. In six months, Fireboy debut four songs with the highest streams this year.The songs are listed below.

  1. Laughter
  2. Tears
  3. Goosebumps
  4. Newyork City
    Just in the month of June he brought in another album with a title “Newyork City”, the song is a viral one in social medias. Those songs earned him over 250million streams across all platforms. It is arguably the most streamed debut Nigerian album in history.Fireboy in his fan page in Twitter revealed that the album’s with no guest artist just Fireboy and his talent are doing great in the music industry.The fans opinion in their tweet says, “The musician consistency has been a viral one”. Some of his songs includes: Vibration, Scatter, Energy, Like I do, Gbas Gbos, Need you, Jealous, Star and many others. Fireboy is a good upcoming Singer with a great talent in YBNL and also trying to be the best with more fans in the Nigerian music industry.

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