Dr Nasri El-Rufai Spoke on Failure of Military to Bombed the Terrorists’ Hideout

On Wednesday, Nasri El-Rufai the Kaduna State Governor spoke about failure of the military to take the necessary steps on the terrorist hideout.
Governor El-Rufai who spoke to the media during the minister of transportation, Dr Rotimi Amechi visitation to Kaduna State in assessing the situation of the state following a terrorist attack on a train heading to Kaduna from Abuja in which not less than eight people were confirmed dead said the military should have bombed the terrorists’ hideout since they have discovered the place.


While he was speaking to the journalists, the governor declared that the terrorists’ mission was known by the military force before the attack. He said this was possible because the report he has on his table shows that the terrorists camp is known, the state security services department knows their mobile number and listen to them communicating with one another.

He continues stating that Kaduna State should be declared a war zone and the army, the air force and the police should go and kill them without thinking of the casualties that may occur as he believes every war comes with casualties.


While concluding, the governor said that the state has written to the Nigerian Railway Station to stop night movement so that if anything want to happen, it should not be midnight so that the forces’ response can be quick.

Dr Rotimi Amechi in his own speech concluded that the Nigerian Air Force would start escorting trains, once the trail track repairs is concluded

He said, “I will speak with the President. He is already giving directives. I’m sure by the time we finish the repair of the rail tracks, we would have got approval for the security equipment and we would possibly have installed it.


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