Chief Dedara Arohunraloja Oba passes on

One of the surviving legends of Adamo, a traditional song in Yorùbá land, High Chief Adedara Arohunraloja, the Oba Adamo of ljesàland kissed the world good bye hours ago.


He left us with only memories and his works.

Sadly, as great has his works were to the fans, and lovers of traditional songs, these folks like Late Durojaye Aremu made very little money and recognition from their works than they deserve, especially as they age. So they had rich songs full of wisdom but are not near anything close to riches.


The preservation of their life and contributions to the Musical World is also limited. As we speak, no Wikipedia account for someone as big as Chief Adedara, Durojaiye, Ige Adubi and as big as High Chief Elemure Ogunyemi in Ekiti.

Adamo is almost dead if not gone, yet it’s one of the best songs genre I know that teaches native history. It is also the binding cord of heritage that shows the nearness of everything between Ile-Ife & Ijesha, and even Ekiti in language, dialect and similarities of songs.

I have benefited immensely from oral tradition and learning from elders and Adamo is another means I use to learn to acquire raw history.

I attempted to document some of their works on YouTube 2 yrs back especially that of Durojaiye and Arohunraloja but had to delete them off because they will affect my own news channel as I don’t own the intellectual right and only their family can do that.

I then try to reach out to Late Durojaiye family particularly on how they can make money from this, but no result yet.

To promote these songs I tried to use their songs as video background songs in an Ife township documentary instead of Davido or fireboy etc. May be that will help.

Many of the custodians are all gone, I hope their works don’t die with them. Sleep on High Chief Adedara Arohunraloja Oba




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