Bruce Willis To Retire From Acting

Bruce Willis, a Germany born 67 years old actor is quitting acting as a result of his ill health.


The popularly known actor who has performed in a number of movies like “The First Deadly Sin” “Die Hard” and others is preparing to retire from acting after he was diagnosed of a a medical condition known as aphasia, a condition which hinders human ability to communicate which is believed can be caused by a brain tumor, head injury or other diseases.

Bruce Willis has five daughters – Rumer, Scout and Tallulah with his former wife, Demi Moore and Mabel and Evelyn from Emma is current wife.


The news of his retirement has also been confirmed by his family with a post made on instagram in which the caption ended with the name of his wives and daughters.

Along with Bruce Willis fame and recognition in the movie industry was three Golden Globe nominations for best actor, Primetime Emmy Award nominations for outstanding Lead Actor for Drama Series.


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