A Member of Osinach Husband’s Family Richards, Finally Speaks About The Singer’s Death

Member of Osinachi Husband’s Family Richards, Finally Speaks over the Singer’s Death


Recall that many people especially on social medias have been trying to link late Osinachi Nwachukwu’s death with violence between the late singer and her husband’s because of the husband’s behaviour towards his wife when she was alive.

Though many rumors have been posted on the internet to back up people’s view about the husband including, a post that captioned how the late singer’s first child confirmed that his father used to bullied his mother.


Many people takes the rumors as mere allegation against the man which does not has a concrete evidence, but the public has now received some words about the husband that describe the late singer’s husband from one of his family members, Mr Richard Okekenwa, an elder brother of late singer’s husband.

Despite the distance between the two brothers, Mr Richard was able to say a little to the general public through an interview he granted BBC just this week.

In the interview, Richard made it known to the pub lic that his younger brother’s real name is Peter Echijeku Oke Kenwa and that his brother has distanced himself to the family to the extent that he didn’t attend their father’s burial and also shuned his own (Richard) father in law’s burial.

Richard further stated that his brother till the moment of the interview hasn’t called any family members to inform them of the wife’s death as he himself only got the news of the wife’s death through call from her children.

Conclusion: According to Richard’s submission, everyone now know the kind of man & husband Mr. Peter Nwachukwu was to his late wife and his suppose family.

We pray to God to be pleased with the gospel Singer, late Osinachi Nwachuku


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